Where are your products made?

Our knitwear is made in Portugal. All other items are made in Turkey. Both are responsible family-run production locations.

What is the delivery time of orders?

Once an order has been placed and payment is received orders are shipped within 3 days, unless indicated otherwise. Orders within the Netherlands are usually delivered 1 working day after the parcel is shipped. For other countries the delivery times may vary. For most European countries the delivery time varies from 2-7 working days and outside Europe this can be 3-9 working days. Please note, however, that all delivery times are indicative.

What size should I buy?

We have chosen to express our sizes in ages. However, every child is different. To help you choose the best size, we have made a size table, which you can find in the footer of our website. When in doubt between two sizes, we generally advice to choose the larger one, as kids already grow up fast enough and that way you can get more wear out of your garment.

Is the organic cotton certified?

All our knitwear is made with 100% certified organic cotton. The yarns that are used are OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified, which guarantees that they contain no harmful substances.

How should I wash my Yuki item?

All Yuki Kidswear items are machine washable at 30 degrees. A gentle detergent and washing program is preferred to keep garments in optimal condition. Don’t use a tumble dryer and let the sweater dry flat.

Will there be shrinkage after washing?

Cotton naturally shrinks a bit after washing. Especially organic cotton, as no shrinkage-reducing chemicals are used. That is why we recommend to allow a shrinkage of up to 5% when trying on a garment. Shrinkage applies to the the length of the garments, not in the width. You can partly avoid shrinkage washing at a maximum of 30 degrees, not using the tumble dryer and not using a hot iron.

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